To achieve complete success in health and fitness there needs to be a balance between 6 key components. Nutrition and Fitness are, of course, a huge factor but they’re not everything. There are 4 other pieces to the puzzle that Kayla delves into with you.

Kayla’s 6 Key Components to meeting your goals are:

1. Fitness- Kayla will help pick a workout style that is right for you, your goals and your body type. (I.E. For some people she will choose High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T), for others she may choose split muscle group routines.)

2. Nutrition-What works for one may not work for all. Learn how to eat for your body type and lifestyle. 

3. Sleep-Learn how sleep effects hormone levels, cravings, and the way your body stores food and fat.  

4. Stress- When stress increases, hormone levels change. Learn about how they effect you and how to combat stress. 

5. Mental Attitude- Positive thoughts, beliefs, affirmations, and visualizations are a huge part of obtaining results you'd like to see. 

6. Rest & Recovery- Training consistently is crucial but overtraining can be very detrimental. Learn the best ways to stretch and incorporate active recoveries. 


Regardless of your goals, level of fitness, and any injuries or limitations, Kayla is able to cater the workout to exactly what you want and need. She will structure the workout in a way that will give you the results and body you’ve been looking for.