“Kayla convinced me to incorporate strength training into my typical cardio-only routine and, in doing so, helped me to transform my body. After only a month, I had shifted a significant percentage of my body fat to skeletal muscle and could increase the duration and intensity of my cardio workouts. Kayla's guidance helped me gain a more toned physique and a more effective workout regimen, and I'm so thankful for her support!”

-Sarah Ameri


“Kayla is what one would call a GEM! About two years ago I had major back surgery and it really put me in an awkward position. While physical therapy got me on my way I knew I needed to find a trainer and get strong again. The only problem was I absolutely hated the gym, just the thought made my stomach turn. Meeting Kayla has not only changed my feelings toward the gym but she has changed my LIFE! In just a few short weeks I went from barely being able to jog for one minute to running through a park. In just a few weeks I went from laughing at the idea of doing pushups to counting 50+ in 60 seconds! I count my lucky stars that I found Kayla. She has become a wonderful friend and confidant along the way and I look forward to many years of sweating together.”

-Carli Frank



“If I were to bet on anyone I would bet on Kayla. She has a progressive thoughtful approach to personal fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a leader in her field.”

-Joel Lubin

“I’ve been training with Kayla for a couple months now. She’s the first trainer I’ve had where I’ve felt like I’ve gotten a great workout every time I train with her. She’s also great at adding new exercises to the workout so you never start getting bored week to week. Finally, she can be a ball of energy and you never know when she might break out dancing making each workout not only a challenge, but exciting.”

-Jad Carson

“I started taking a cardio-kickboxing class just to help jumpstart my exercise routine; it wasn’t just the extra push I needed, I was addicted to Kayla’s class. After her classes I felt I had more energy to take on the day and my muscles felt great. Kayla pushes everyone in her classes as hard as they can go individually and offers helpful tips for anyone having difficulty. She is always pumped up; ready to challenge you or reward you with a break. Taking any of Kayla’s classes or having her instruct you doesn’t just make you more healthy and toned, but, it makes you seek more challenges and expect more from any other class you may take. Having Kayla as my instructor was a wonderful experience.”

-Jo Whatmough


"Kayla is by far the most talented and informed personal trainer I have worked with in the 30+ years I have been with trainers. I could not be happier with the results from the 90 day program she designed for me. I lost 5 inches around my waist, 2.5 inches around my hips and cut my body fat in half from 18% to 9.5%. My lifestyle changes have made a huge difference in my energy levels and overall demeanor and outlook. Thank you Kayla...you're the best!"

-James Buxbaum